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I want..

I want a perfect night with you, no prejudices, no fake smiles, no one else, just you and me… Going out for a walk, i wouldn’t even care where, I just want to hold your hand again. It could be in a crowded city like New York or in the most calm village you can think of. It all wouldn’t matter because I would be with you. Look at up to the stars and tell you how they shine for you. How every single one of them, even the ones you do not see because they are light years away, aren’t enough to express what I feel for you. The night breeze is cold, and its dark but I am not scared, I am filled with light, with hope, with love… This feeling is what so many people tried to put into books, or illustrate in art pieces try to frame it in pictures. And I believe they all failed because when you feel its so… Its literally indescribable, its a rush to your heart telling you: “She is the one, do not ever let go of her hand, she is your happiness, she is your other half, she is your everything”.